Jungle Wheels Red 2 Wheel Sulky

$279.99 $359.99

The Jungle Wheels stand-on-sulky from Jungle Jim's gives you a competitive advantage because you can mow faster, easier, and leave lawns looking better with no unwanted tracks. Jungle Jim's realizes that sulkies without wheels can cut into the turf and cause imbalance, which produces an uneven cut.

The revolutionary third pivot point and rear-weighted design of the Jungle Wheels enables an even cut across the roughest terrain. The Hook Up feature comes standard and maximizes trailer space. (Patent # 5,413,364) Even Striping A unique advantage to the two-wheel Jungle Wheels design is that unlike one wheel units, the wheels follow the mower tracks, allowing the operator to stripe a yard without unwanted tracks. 


Link to Manual/Instructions


Estimated Shipment for Pre-Orders is late June 2024


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need Marathon brand or Carlisle brand wheel assembly replacement part?

A: Please refer to our wheel assembly fact sheet here regarding the proper parts to maintain your Jungle Wheels.

Q: Will this fit husqvarna w356 walk behind 36 inch?

A: Yes it will.

Q: Will this fit a bobcat walkbehind?

A: The Jungle Wheels is universal, so as long as your mower can pull a sulky, ours will work!

Q: Will this fit on a gravely pro qxt?

A: They are a universal unit. As long as you have a metal plate on the back to bolt the mounting bracket to, they will work. 

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