Jungle Jack Lawn Mower lift Version 2

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Lift commercial mowers front or rear in 20 seconds!!  The Jungle Jack from Jungle Jim’s now gives you the ability to lift virtually any size commercial mower with ease. Both the front or rear of any mower can be picked up by the Jungle Jack to help you perform all your maintenance duties. The Jungle Jack not only has bigger tires, but also a large foot assist for heavier mowers. 

*Patent Pending - Jungle Jack Version 2

Lift Any Mower From Any Angle
The new and improved single lifting hook on the Jungle Jack makes it easier to lift your equipment approximately 19” off the ground from any angle. It will lift virtually all belt drive and hydro walk-behinds in any size or model. It will also lift any ZTR or stand-on-mower. The Jungle Jack has a lifting capacity of 800 pounds at the lifting point. The large foot assist pedal on the Jungle Jack helps the operator lift the mower with the use of their legs, taking the pressure off the operator’s back and arms. Jungle Jim’s also offers a wider tooth, which enables the user to lift mowers with wider decks.

Safety Arm Secures Mower
The Safety Arm on the Jungle Jack secures the jack from moving while you are working underneath your equipment. All it takes to ensure your safety is a pull of the cotter pin. Once the safety arm is locked in place, you can be sure your equipment will stay in a safe position when raised.


Standard 2” tooth fits 90% of mowers, however certain mowers such as Toro have longer/wider baffles that require the optional 3” tooth upgrade (purchased separately).

Link to Instructions Manual (Version 2)

Link to Video Instructions (Version 2)

Link to Instructions (Version 1) - No longer for sale direct from Jungle Jim's


Replacement Parts

2" Standard Tooth

3" Standard Tooth


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this lift a 60" zero turn commercial mower? Mower weighs approximately 700 lbs

A: Absolutely. I use it on my 72”,60”,48”. Cuts blade changing time dramatically.


Q: How much weight is this rated for?

A: It will lift any ZTR or stand-on-mower up to the lifting capacity of 800lbs.


Q: Is there a weight limit?

A: 800 pounds at the actual lifting point. It can lift large ZTR's!


Q: I have a jd 930m with a 54 inch mulch on demand deck. i have wheels in the front center of my deck. Will this product work?

A: Yes as long as there is a place for the tooth to grab the deck underneath It will work.


Q: Does this lift work for any zero turns and standers?

A: It will lift any ZTR or stand-on-mower up to the lifting capacity of 800lbs.



Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
JD Simpson

Lifts my exmark 48 inch commercial mower with ease.

Great Product, horrible instructions

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen worse assembly directions. Fortunately there are several good YouTube videos that walk through assembly. Once put together, the product works great and makes lifting my mower easy. I’d rate it 5 stars with better direction.

Quality jack at an affordable price

Works great on Scag liberty z 42.
Easy to lift without using foot assist.

Clay Morgan
Awesome product! Liftd my Bad Boy Maverick 54" with ease.

Highly recommended.

Jungle jack

Really works

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