Open Box- 1 Blower Holder Rack

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The Blower Holder 1 holds one backpack blower and comes with an individual locking mechanism for simple locking capability. The design not only secures the blower, but also supports the blower tube.

For maximum stability, make sure blower holder is adjusted so the weight of the unit is resting on the rail facing into the wind.

This is Scratch and Dent Model - Product has everything included. Box may be damaged or product used once or twice.

Adapter Options available in our Parts Department

Backpack Blower Adapters - All Brands

Stihl Backpack Blower Adapters

Some Stihl blowers need adapter brackets. See link above for all model Stihl adapters.

Stihl 800 Adapter Bracket Information: This adapter only works on the Stihl 800 series for the 1BH, 2BH and ZT-BH. It will not work on the 800 series model (BR800 C-E).  Works on all other 800 series backpack blowers.

Echo Backpack Blower Adapters

Link to Manual/Instructions

Link to Strap Instructions 


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