Mower Holder Large Mower or Spreader Holder - Tire Lockdown For Lawn and Landscape Trailer

$119.99 $145.99


Introducing the Jungle Jim's Mower Holder Large Spreader Holder – the ultimate solution for securely storing your large Mower or Spreader! This innovative Caster Tire Lockdown ensures that your mowers and spreaders stay in place, even during bumpy rides. Fits caster tires from 10.5” to 12.5”.


Designed specifically for trailers, this Mower Holder offers exceptional convenience and organization. No more worrying about equipment shifting or causing damage while transporting. With Jungle Jim's Mower Holder, you can trust that your valuable equipment is secured and protected. Make your trailer setup a breeze with the Jungle Jim's Mower Holder Large Spreader Holder. Maximize your efficiency and keep your equipment safe and secure. It's time to take control of your lawn and landscape equipment!

Estimated Shipment for Pre-Orders is late June 2024


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