2 Trimmer Rack Trailer Complete Set

$139.99 $186.11
The new Trimmer Rack design enables the user to load and unload the trimmer even easier than before. This ground-breaking design also allows the customer to custom fit each trimmer to prevent rolling during transport.

Secure two trimmers quickly and easily! The spring loaded design and heavy duty locking bar deters theft, while the innovative compression pin and hook device eliminates spinning during transport. The 2TR comes with a spool line holder that alleviates the headaches of tangled trimmer line.
Optional Tool Rack be attached to the 2TR.
Enclosed Trailer Add-Ons:
Notes: Our trimmer racks and blower holders can be mounted to an enclosed trailer with our optional Wall Mount Kit. Blower Holders (1BH & 2BH) require one kit. Trimmer Racks (2TR,3TR,4TR) require two kits.  

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