Jungle Jim's Accessory Products

Jungle Jim's Accessory Products
Jungle Jim's Accessory Products
Jungle Jim's Accessory Products

Our Story

Some people were born with the passion and drive to achieve the American Dream. Jim Hafendorfer is one of those individuals.

Like a lot of young people looking for ways to earn some money, Jim started mowing lawns when he was fifteen. He called his “start up” business Jungle Jim's Lawn Service. He earned a little and learned a lot about working in the lawn care business.

His creative spirit and entrepreneurial drive would eventually lead him to design and engineer Jungle Wheels, his version of a sulky which allowed the lawn cutter to keep up with the speed of the walk-behind mower and permit lawn striping at the same time.

Jim introduced Jungle Wheels at the International Lawn, Garden & Power Equipment Expo on July 24, 1995. It was an immediate success.

Now faced with the task of filling orders for Jungle Wheels, Jim initially outsourced the production of some components and converted the garage behind his house to produce the rest and assemble the equipment. That was the beginning of Jungle Jim's Accessory Products.

For more than twenty years, Jungle Jim's has led the way in the development of low-cost, easy-to-use accessories for professionals in the lawn care industry. Recognizing the need for secure storage, easy access and mobility, the company now makes trimmer racks, blower holders and a portable maintenance jack. And of course, the latest model of Jungle Wheels.

No longer working out of Jim's garage, Jungle Jim's is now located in a state-of-the-art facility in Louisville, Kentucky. Although occasionally, you might find Jim inside his garage where it all began working on the next idea to make commercial lawn services more efficient and profitable.


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